Clogged Toilet Repair and New Toilet Installation in Tarzana, CA

When plunging your toilet no longer gets rid of nasty clogs, it’s time to call for expert repair service. My Tarzana Plumber Hero is the first choice for toilet repair and toilet replacement in Tarzana, CA. We offer around-the-clock plumbing repairs to address clogged toilets, leaky toilets, cracked commodes, and much more. Don’t let problems with your toilets get out of hand. Make the call today and we’ll send a licensed plumber to your door in as little as 60 minutes.

Clogged Toilets

Toilets clog for many reasons. Putting too much toilet paper in the commode can cause it to stop up, but so can put the wrong types of materials. For example, you may think it isn’t a big deal to flush a paper towel or a disinfectant wipe, but you’d be mistaken. When these kinds of objects are flushed they do not dissolve in the water like toilet tissue is made to do. Instead they can adhere to the sides of the piping and catch other debris as it moves through the drainpipes. Over time this collection of debris turns into major blockage in the pipes. In some cases, the blockage may work its way down into your sewer line resulting in major backups that can cause raw sewage to bubble up into your bathtub, shower, or sink.

By limiting what you flush down the toilet to only septic-safe and sewer-approved toilet paper you can prevent major plumbing problems from happening, saving yourself the expense and inconvenience of plumbing repairs.

Broken Toilets

Broken toilets come in all shapes and forms. You may have a leaky toilet that needs to be resealed or repositioned. You may have a toilet that doesn’t flush properly because the handle is broken. Or, you may have hardware inside your toilet that is corroded or broken. If you’ve been putting off toilet repairs because you’re wary of the costs, let us take a moment to reassure you.

Most toilet repairs can be made quickly and inexpensively. It is when small problems are ignored that a minor repair can turn into a major expense. Don’t put off repairs. Save money and save yourself the frustration. Give one of our licensed plumbers a call and let him or her evaluate the situation. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how inexpensive professional toilet repair in Tarzana, CA, can be.

New Toilets

When you’re ready to replace the toilets in your home, let us help you choose new units. If you haven’t been shopping for toilets in quite a while, you may be surprised by all the choices. From elongated models to rounded and compact toilets, there are plenty of styles to choose from that will compliment your bathroom.

Are you interested in saving money on your water usage? Let us introduce you to high efficiency toilets. These toilets use half as much of water as their older counterparts. No matter what your budget is we can help you find a toilet that will save you money in the present as well as in the future.

Learn more about all of our plumbing services for our residential customers including our top-rated, popular toilet installation service. Call today to schedule your consultation!