Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation in Tarzana, CA

At My Tarzana Plumber Hero, we take your garbage disposal repairs seriously. We know what a major inconvenience it can be when your disposal suddenly stops working or leaves you with a major mess in your kitchen sink. Every day we dispatch our trusted, independent contractors to homes throughout the city to provide residents with the best garbage disposal repair and installation in Tarzana, CA.

We’ve rescued thousands of garbage disposals from near death, bringing them back to life in a manner of minutes. If you’re tired of dealing with your inadequate appliance, then get in touch with us right away. We’ll have you enjoying the convenience that modern day plumbing appliances offer in no time at all.

Drain Cleaning and Garbage Disposal Repair

You may not think that drain cleaning and garbage disposals have anything in common, but they actually go together like ice cream and a brain freeze. They often accompany each other and not for the better.

Garbage disposals become clogged frequently because property owners put too much food into the receptacle, they fail to properly grind up the food entirely, or they put the wrong foods and substances into the disposal. When this happens clogs can either form in the disposal itself or further down the drain pipe.

If you have a clogged disposal or drain pipe, you need to address it right away. When clogs are left alone, they put stress on the plumbing system. This can lead to leaky hoses, pipes, and damaged disposals. However, we don’t want you to use harsh chemical cleaners. Instead, call us and we’ll use a gentle touch to remove the clog and keep your plumbing system intact.

Call Us First for Garbage Disposal Replacement and Installation

Are you shopping around for a new garbage disposal? If so, let us help! We have access to all models and brands of disposals at rock bottom prices. Our industry-certified professionals can help you choose a new appliance that is not only in your price range, but Energy Star rated to continue to save you money long after the initial purchase.

Once you make your purchase, our plumbers will install the appliance according to manufacturer instructions. This protects the appliance’s warranty and ensures that no leaks or other problems form that could damage the disposal.

Not only do we offer the community of Tarzana, CA, great plumbing service at great rates, but we’re also available 24/7. For fast and friendly service completed in one visit, give My Tarzana Plumber Hero a call today.