Slab Leak Detection and Inspection Services from a Qualified Plumbing Company You Can Count On!

Have you noticed an increase in your water bill? Is the sound of running water in your walls driving you crazy? Have hot spots developed on your floor? If you answered “yes” to any of these three questions, it is quite possible that you have what is known as a slab leak.

Slab leaks should be taken very seriously. Homeowners that believe this is a problem in their home should call a qualified plumbing company for leak detection services right away. At My Tarzana Plumber Hero, we connect certified water leak detection plumbers with worried customers in a manner of minutes.

Damage Caused by Slab Leaks

First, let’s explain the basics of slab leaks. These leaks occur when the piping beneath your home’s concrete foundation begins to deteriorate. As the piping weakens and breaks down tiny pinhole leaks for in your plumbing. Your home’s foundation can only act as a barrier from the water for a short time. Eventually this temporary barrier will be unable to keep the water from entering the interior of your home. The sooner you seek assistance the better. This is because as water leaks uncontrollably below ground it will eventually rise to the surface and leave a path of destruction that may include discoloration in your flooring, wet carpets, mold, warping of baseboards, and foundation problems.

Electronic Leak Detection Is the Best Method for Detection

The contractors we partner with are specifically trained to use state-of-the-art slab leak detection equipment. This equipment enables our contractors to find the source of the water leak and make necessary repairs, usually within the same visit.

Don’t waste your time with inexperienced leak detection services in Tarzana, California. It is crucial that you work with experienced professionals that have access to and are highly trained to use specialized leak detection equipment.

If immediate repairs are not possible due to the nature of the leak, you want to know that you are working with the best contractors in the industry to ensure the job – no matter how big or small – is done right the first time around.

Call My Tarzana Plumber Hero today for top-quality, unrivaled leak detection services!